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We fabricate a wide range of custom metal work for our customers. We understand that the highest standards of service and genuine value for money are important to you. Please have a look at our range of services and get in touch to see how we can help with your metalwork fabrication requirements. We are fully insured and offer a free estimates.



We will design, manufacture and install your new gates, whatever size or style you are after. Ornate and decorative gates will add a classic look to your property and will compliment your home and garden. Galvanised gates are virtually maintenance free and highly resistant to heavy winds and other elements. Metal gates are secure and can be locked manually or with an automated mechanism.

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Beautiful railings will make your house stand out! Whether your front garden is small or large, metal railings will frame it and make it look finished. You will often be unable to find off the shelf railing panels that will suit changing ground levels, angles and curves which most gardens will have. We will work to suit your requirements. Please call or email us to discuss your plans.

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Balustrades will add beauty to your balconies, terraces and safety to large window openings. We also manufacture and install steel balconies frames and platforms. Using a combination of modern and traditional materials (such as stainless steel, timber and toughened glass), we can create a unique finish to your project.

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Make a statement with your new staircase! The times when dark stairs were hidden between two walls are long gone. Beautiful metal staircase can become a real focal point in your home. We create unique staircases for your project, combining different materials; such as industrial style staircases, glass and steel staircases, and steel and oak staircases.

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Structural Steel

structural steel

Open plan layouts are becoming increasingly popular. Modern light-filled spaces replace smaller separate rooms. Such transformation requires walls and/or chimney breast removals and a steel beams installation. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for RSJ beams.


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Animal Closures

animal fencing

In the past few years we have completed several large projects for animal enclosures for local wildlife park. We can also manufacture farming cages and metal farm access gates.

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Cat Ladders

cat ladder

We manufacture custom made steel/ galvanised cat ladders for any project. Please call or email us to discuss your requirements.


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Catering & Barbecues

bespoke barbeque

We manufacture custom stainless steel benches, shelving, kick plates and worktops. We can install custom-made catering equipment to your requirements in unusually sized spaces like small take aways, or big canteens. We also supply barbecues and grillsto open air cafes, festivals and fetes, all made to measure.

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catering equipment

Are you looking for something unique and you can’t find it here? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We love new ideas and challenges!

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